How it Works

What is Chain Gain?

Chain Gain is a software platform for updating chain of title records for intellectual property anywhere in the world.

We have every requirement in every local jurisdiction with step-by-step instructions.

Chain Gain does not give estimates or best guesses – we give precise cost requirements instantly that are unmatched in the world allowing for internal cost forecasting and budgeting.

Simply send us your IP portfolio, and tell us what you need done. You can expect an accurate quote in record time, for record low prices.

How it Works

We use our network, unique industry experience, and software automation to expedite your IP chain of title projects.

Global Database

Manage Chain of Title projects in any country.

Detailed Requirements

Get detailed requirements and step-by-step instructions ahead of time for every country you own IP in.

Accurate Quotes

Chain Gain doesn’t provide estimates or guesses. Get the exact costs for your Chain of Title projects ahead of time, no matter how big your portfolio is, or how many countries you do business in.

Get Started

We are able to provide you instant and unmatched estimates (in both price and accuracy) with an A-Z understanding of all requirements, variables, and logistics for completing a chain of title project.

Contact us to get your first no-hassle consultation today.